Overview about all topics- Step1

16th January, was the day of releasing my own blog “LearnAndPractice”. That was my dream to take the learning to 21 century.

Promotion concept

At first I published posts at several topics. After a while, I decided that was wrong way to achieve my dream. My target is to concentrate at SharePoint. But to do so, I decided to cover prerequisites topics to be all ready to start. To work at the field of software engineering and to promote software industry, you MUST understand and digest at first:

  1. Data structure.
  2. Object Oriented Programming (OOP).
  3. Algorithms.
  4. Database fundamentals.

Then go ahead and start to learn any programming language. The only difference between any programming languages will be the syntax. From that believe, I re-organized my plan. And published posts through specific schedule.

At that post, I collected step1’s articles only and I avoided to put the rest of  articles links as agile, c#, SharePoint, … etc. Till them  time come . The URL’s of all these topics as the following:

How to satisfy our clients?

Entity relationship diagram

SQL Join


Data Structure- Part1

Data Structure- Part2

At each post, I gave an overview about the most important points which are MANDATORY to know and summarized them by an easy and simple way as I can. Without your encouragement I didn’t be able to do so and please permit me to upload some of your valuable comments from the persons I really appreciate .




After seven months, we all passed level1 ” Our first step”. And inshaallah at the second step, we will be more specific by navigation in C#, Sql server, asp.net.

If you wanted to specify time to make review about these topics, I will be glad to interact with you on-line to discuss and make knowledge transfer.





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