About Rasha Farouk

I believe that my success mainly returns to the success of my customers and our contribution to this success. I would eventually like to assure you of my commitment to provide your organization with the best of my technical knowledge.

In brief this is my qualifications:

  • I graduated from faculty of computer and information system, Computer science department from Helwan University at 2000 with grade very good.
  • Then I joined ITI.
  • I created and updated projects inside and outside Egypt.
  • Projects outside Egypt:
    • FNC (Federal National Council) Abu Dhabi.
    • Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO).
    • Alsanat Group (Saudi Arabia).
    • Omranioun Group (Saudi Arabia).
  • projects Inside Egypt:
    • All GAEB (General Authority of Educational Building) projects from 2001 to 2008 to be used all over departments and branches from Cairo to Aswan.
    • Projects to be used all over BNP Paribas bank’s branches.
    • My last project was for Enap Sipetrol.
  • At my freelancer job, I am responsible of the five stages of the projects initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closeout.
    • At initiating stage, I Prepare scope documents, requirement documents, Estimation, proposal documents, project plan, and kick of meetings and allocate resources.
    • Then at planning stage, I make design document, database design, test plans and coding standards.
    • At third stage “Executing”, I write code.
    • At controlling stage, I make test and change management.
    • At the last stage “Closure”, I complete acceptance test plan, close the project or move it to maintenance mode and final payment.
  • Recently at my latest projects I work with agile scrum methodology.
  • I also make technical and HR training to my team and my customers. So this will be added value.
  • I can work as full or part timer at Microsoft Share point design, branding, development. Also make technical or hr training.
  • I have necessary technical experience and project management skills to help mitigate risks associated with business, technical constraints, and organizational diversity

Eng. Rasha Farouk Mostafa
Professional Services Provider Consultant
Mobile: (+2010)14587416
Email: eng.rasha.farouk@gmail.com
LinkedIn Profile: https://eg.linkedin.com/in/rasha-farouk-9a9579a9



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