Overview about all topics- Step1-Part2

This post contains part2 of the collection of  step1’s articles which published at LinkedIn . I avoided to put the rest of  articles links as agile, c#, SharePoint, … etc. Till them  time come . The URL’s of all these topics as the following: Our aim is satisfy our clients, How we can do so? https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/our-aim-satisfy-clients-how-we-can-do-so-rasha-farouk?trk=mp-author-card… Continue reading Overview about all topics- Step1-Part2

Data Structure- Part2

To work at the field of software engineering and to promote software industry, you MUST understand and digest at first: 1.Data structure. 2.Object Oriented Programming (OOP). 3.Algorithms. 4.Database fundamentals. Then go ahead and start to learn any programming language. The only difference between any programming languages will be the syntax. From that believe, I already… Continue reading Data Structure- Part2